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Payroll services we offer:
The unmatched benefit of our personal service and our trusted, professional relationship with you.
  • Seamless import of data entry hours and amounts from customized Excel worksheets
  • Integration with Time and Attendance programs
  • Simplified, easy to use data entry
  • Customized input sheet with employees’ names
  • Job costing
  • Allocation of hours/salary by department, worker‘s classification, or job
  • Comprehensive calculations for all taxing agencies
  • Free direct deposit
  • Printing of third-party checks including union dues, 401(k), garnishments, charities and more
  • Tracking and accrual of sick, personal and vacation time
  • Electronic payment of federal and state payroll taxes
  • Electronic fund transfers for certain garnishments
  • Multiple state withholding and compliance reporting capability
  • Filing of all quarterly and annual federal and state payroll forms, including Forms 940 & 941, state unemployment insurance, disability reporting and more, including electronic filing
  • Complete year-end W-2 forms service and reporting
  • Full range of compliance and analytical reports
  • Multiple payroll schedules
  • Standard, bonus/commission and additional payrolls
  • Handles virtually all pay types including custom pay types, retroactive, tip income and reimbursements
  • Wide array of standard deductions and unlimited custom deductions
  • Employee portal access
  • Multiple locations
  • Training videos
  • Full-service 401(k) retirement plan solutions
  • Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Compensation
  • Payroll debit cards
Payroll relief for YOU!
As your trusted business advisor, our goal has always been to offer you the full spectrum of high-quality services you need to manage your business. With our professional and personalized payroll service, your business will benefit from all the capabilities and services provided by the national payroll companies, but you will also get the added benefit of having fast, personal service when you want and need it. While many payroll companies offer a take-it-or-leave-it, cookie-cutter approach, we tailor our services to meet the needs of each individual client, small or large, in virtually any line of business. Whether you’re an established business or just starting out, our flexible customized payroll service can be designed to meet your unique needs. In addition to providing the full spectrum of payroll functions you need, we give you top-quality, personalized payroll service more cost effectively than ever before.
Benefits of personalized payroll
There are many benefits to having your own personalized payroll service. Most importantly, it’s about your time. Finally, you and your staff will be able to concentrate on revenue and profits instead of paychecks and taxes! By letting us handle your payroll processing, you’ll no longer have to worry about:
  • Continuously changing tax laws
  • Complex reporting requirements
  • Using your valuable resources for payroll compliance and reporting, and
  • The many other burdens that payroll imposes.
Our fully customized payroll solution lets you focus on your business.
Fully comprehensive service
Our complete payroll service supports a wide range of pay types and schedules, and includes check printing, direct deposit, tax filings, complete compliance and more. Automatic reminders keep you informed of due dates for tax payments and compliance reports, and you will receive all the payroll reports you need to run your business most efficiently. In addition, you also get personalized professional advice on all payroll matters.
Fully customized to meet YOUR specific needs
Our completely flexible state-of-the-art system offers remarkable capabilities that enable our firm to work collaboratively with you. Based on our intimate knowledge of your business and consultation with you, we will design a payroll service that is optimal for your needs. You can't find this level of personal, customized service from any service bureau, at any price.
Best value
Payroll service bureaus are notorious for their "nickel and dime" charges. They charge you for every single item — whether it’s generating a simple re-run, to just printing W-2s. That's not the way we will serve you. We offer a very simple, all-inclusive fee structure for all the services we provide. No extra fees for reruns, no unexpected extras. Now you will know exactly what your payroll costs will be. While we offer many benefits and a degree of personalized attention that you can't get from any service bureau, our payroll service is also highly competitively priced.
To get started…
Please call our firm to discuss your payroll requirements. Then, we will analyze your needs and design a fully customized payroll service just for you.We are looking forward to serving all your payroll needs and further strengthening our relationship with you.

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